Pre Order Your Charcuterie Platter

Enjoy the holidays in a prepared and stylish fashion! Gift to the ones you love or share with your household a beautifully put together charcuterie board. Give us at least a 24-hour notice with your order and we will have ready for you either a medium or large platter full of delectable goodies on a platter that is yours to keep! Carefully chosen meats, cheeses, fruits jams and much more; you’ll make any occasion truly special with a touch of Locus pazazz!

*Oh! Not to mention you’ll get a fun pairing list as well as a $5 gift card to Locus. And if you tack on a bottle of wine, receive $10 off the original price listed below. 

Happy Holidays 

Cheers from Jessica and Kaycee

Medium Platter

Large Platter

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2023 PRE-LAUNCH SIGN-UPCharcuterie & Wine Membership

- 10% off in house wine purchases.
- Charcuterie pairings on specialty boards that you keep!
- First taste of exclusive wine.
- 15% off Locus venue event rental.

First 25 sign up inquires will get
20% off their first package