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Fresh Coffee

Locally roasted by the Lotus Coffee Company that offers a triple bean blend. Originating from Guatemala, Indonesia and Brazil this premier blend is famous for its balance of flavor. Our baristas will truly accelerate your encounter with us at Locus.

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Local Beer

Flavor profiles of beer are both diverse and simple. Sweet, savory, sour, salty or bitter, we hand select our beers on tap and bottled that are local to Bellingham and the PNW. Pair our beers with some yummy food and watch your favorite games at our timber top bar or kick back with a bigger group at our window benches.

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Rare Wine

Searching for white, red or sparkling wine? You can find your taste buds satisfied here. Ranging from local classic notes or adventurous global imports; delight in the elegance of your glass of choice in our distinctive atmosphere to create a fulfilled start or end to your day.

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Tasty Food

Tastefully creative yet simple, our homemade food is easily cultivated to merge with your fast-paced lifestyle or perfect to enjoy while you relax. From delicious breakfast wraps, wholesome soup and sandwiches, taco spin-offs and intriguing sweets, we have tailored our menu to reflect the diversity of all who come to visit.


A Little Bit About Us

Locus is an integrative location in the heart of downtown Bellingham. Offering an urban-industrial space that brings all people together. Unleashing classic espresso, refreshing hops, tasteful wines, rare drink fusions and homemade bites. Grab and go or stay for as long as you’d like; your experience crafted to you by one local woman entrepreneur who dares to branch out by combining all your favorite indulgences.


Our Mission

So long to the clean, white, timber filled coffee houses and taprooms and say hello to color and abstract. Life is not simple; it can be both beautifully chaotic and dreadfully cutthroat. Locus brings to the world these oppositions to cater to all walks of life, with exceptional service and deliciousness! We embrace it all at Locus.

Our Team

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Space Rental Requests Only!!
Awesome coffee place! Excellent food Offering beer and wine afternoons Friendly, attentive staff, seating options for singles or groups. Delivery options with Viking Food to go and others.

Marie Matteson

Local Guide
I LOVE this coffee shop SO much! Everything is top notch, its a great place for a date or for friends. The owners are so fantastic and really care about their customers and their products. I cannot recommend this place enough, if you are in Bellingham - you have to stop in.

Ellie Cox

I absolutely LOVE this place! They renovated it and painted it so beautifully on the inside! These girls are amazing at making espresso drinks - including my favorite drink the Ceylon tea with steamed cream. 😁 Lighting and atmosphere is great, I can't wait to try all their little share plates. If you are looking for a great glass of wine after work, or a coffee to get you going in the AM this is the perfect spot! ♥️ I highly recommend the breakfast wraps

Ceylon Keeslar

Special Event Booking

Large Parties And Space Rental Requests ONLY! Not Same Day Table Reservations.

    How to Find & Contact Us

    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday: 8am - 6pm
    Wednesday:  8am - 6pm
    Thursday: 8am - 6pm
    Friday: 8am - 6pm
    Saturday: 8am - 6pm
    Sunday: 9am - 4:30pm